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The Easi-Net is an extremely versatile "Integrated Net and Screen Whitebaiting" system, how it is used is only limited by your imagination and can be readily adapted to any fishing environment or location.

We have based the design of our equipment on a modular format to be portable, lightweight and easy to use, hence the “Easi-Net” name. The Net and screens are 1.5metre modules which allows for compliance with the Whitebaiting Regulations.


The 2021 regulations allow a screen length of 3 metres which equates to 2 of our Screen modules plus the Net also at 1.5m, being a total of 4.5m overall length. The Net is under the maximum allowable size with internal mouth dimensions of 1350mm x 700mm. The Net can be fitted to either end of the Screen to allow for fishing either River Bank.

The Net and Screen frames are constructed using 50mm PVC pipe. This is combined with specific design injection moulded hinges and fittings allowing for easy connection between modules. It includes 4mm stainless steel pins and the vertical components (screen legs and stabilising feet) using our clip-in injection moulded bayonet cap fittings, making it easy to assemble and disassemble for transport and storage in the bags supplied with the gear. It is extremely compact, lightweight and strong. The top rails of the Net and Screen modules are sealed compartments providing buoyancy. All of the vertical components have a 16mm hole top and bottom allowing these to flood when in operation which balances the overall buoyancy and effectively makes the equipment heavy when in the water. The bottom of the screens are chain weighted which can be increased if required for extra weight in strong river or tidal flow.


If you specifically want the the whole set to sit on the river bed (that is , you want it to sink) it only requires drilling two holes (using a 16mm holesaw) in the underside of each of the three top components of the Net and the two components of the Screen top rails, this will allow the whole Set to fill with water when it's in the river and sink. Upon lifting the Net it will will drain the water almost instantly making it lighter to lift for you to empty the catch

If you are fishing in deeper water you are better to use mooring lines (which are included) and an extendable boat hook can be used if required to allow you to position the net more easily into the correct position if it is too deep to walk out to the Net. Two Mooring lines front and rear of the main anchor stake can be attached to short stakes (800mm waratah) on the river bank. The Net is easily emptied by removing the Net/Screen hinge pin and lifting the Net to free the bottom locating ring.

The catch is emptied by lifting the bottom corner of the Velcro trap (either side to suit yourself) clipping it up out of the way to the velco strip fitted' to allow the catch to be tipped into a container.

The Net can also be used as a tow behind, floating box net for the enthusiast.

The traditional sock net is limited to where you can fish, for example the fast tidal flow of the Waimak river mouth. This gear can fish in any environment

If you would rather purchase through online banking, simply email your order and your specific requirements to us and we will forward an invoice with the online banking details.

If you have any queries or require additional info, don’t hesitate to either email us or text and we will return your call.

Many thanks for visiting our site and happy and successful fishing for the future.

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